Fiona Morgan


Flat 15
27 Sheldon Square
London W2 6DW

07753 200 935


About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Many people carry heavy burdens through life. These often originate in childhood but still in the present day continue to weigh down lives. Perhaps you are anxious or depressed, or have a harsh self-critic inside you. Your burdens may hold you back from fulfilling your potential or enjoying life to the full.


Psychotherapy is a journey. You cannot know exactly where it will take you. It can bring up difficult and painful feelings along the way. Throughout the process I accompany and support you as a guide and companion. As you go, you become increasingly able to shed the heavy burdens you have been carrying and move your focus from the past to the present day.



Our goal is a more fulfilling life with an enhanced sense of well-being and deeper friendships and relationships.



BACP Registered

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